Infinite Warfare
December 3rd

Four vs Four
$20.00 Team Entry
Payout-First: $100 Second: $40**
Round Robin*
Best 3/5

9 Team Maximum

*Play each team once. (Win by Game/Set win %)
** Prizes will be readjusted if a team does not pay, or we get insufficient teams.

Match Times found on Live Bracket below


Rules that apply to all leagues can be found at the following link...
All online rules must be adhered to for all games.

Submit Scores of every game via our Discord Chat, or message us @complexXesports

Game Specific Rules

All matches will use in-game CWL Rules.  Any match played with incorrect rules will result in a forfeit of the map of the hosting team.

Using in game CWL Rules simplifies the tournament process, and makes it simpler to set up games.

No obligatory or offensive names. You will be asked to change an inappropriate name before payment.
This is your PSN Account. You are responsible for setting up games when hosting, and other teams need to know your name.

Live Bracket, Match Times, & Maps.

Please keep in mind, as signups run, your opponents will change.  Each team that signs up, reveals another round of maps.  So keep an eye out!