Impromptu 2v2 Tournament

Oh, how I love memes...

Oh, how I love memes...

Mother nature is scary, and for the safety of all of our participants, we will be rescheduling the 2v2 LAN to February 3rd. Follow us on Twitter to get the date!

Because most of you made plans to play COD on Saturday, we will be hosting an online tournament for you all.  


Tournament begins at 7:30pm est

  • 2v2
  • WWII
  • eSports Mode
  • $5 Team Entry
  • 100% Payout
  • S&D Only

High seed hosts map 1
Low seed hosts map 2
Map 3 host determined by most rounds won.

Losing team reports or winning team provides proof.
Send via Twitter DMs

Bracket Posted Here: (When Made)