What is Complex Esports?

Complex Esports is an esports organization located in Portsmouth, Ohio, providing a LAN (local area network) center, or gaming lounge, for local gamers and a competitive arena for serious esport enthusiasts. It operates as a branch of Tyler’s CCGs, a public game store. Though the LAN center’s primary use is for esport tournaments, the center is also used for LAN parties, and can now be rented for private use.

We began operation in December 2015 at The Complex in West Portsmouth. Our existence for the first year consisted entirely of hosting video game tournaments. In 2017, we began hosting LAN parties. LAN parties are exactly as the title implies – parties on a LAN connection. People show up and spend the evening gaming together.

We now host events multiple times a month. Our schedule usually allows for one LAN party and two professional organized tournaments per month. The tournaments are dependent upon whatever game is demanded by the community at the time.

Why Should I rent the Complex Esports LAN center for a party?

Because of our 16 PlayStation 4 setups, gaming PC, unique lighting, and 150” projector screen, our game room/LAN center is unique to Scioto County and the first of its kind in our immediate area. Our game room is ideal for a gamer’s birthday party. Our PS4 systems can be played by up to 16 people at a time – or you can bring your own consoles or PC to game together!

Wanting to show a slideshow or videos for your party? Our 150” projector screen is set up and ready for you to use! Our upgraded audio equipment allows for any type of music to be played. Even better – our stage lighting will keep pace with your music and provide the ultimate party experience. Speaking of lighting, our 32 foot LED strips and stage lights can be adjusted to match nearly any color theme your heart desires.

Now for the gaming equipment: our 16 PlayStation 4 systems are ready for use, along with our 24” BenQ gaming monitors. Each individual setup is connected to our 300 Mbps business internet. Tired of lagging on your home internet? You don’t have to worry about that here.

Finally, we have plenty of extra tables and chairs that can be used for the best part of any party – the food! We also have a freezer that can be used for storage of any food.