- Rules & Policy -

Basic rules for LAN events

  1. No Rough-Housing.  Nobody wants an accident to happen.
  2. Keep bad language to a minimum.  Even though it's normal to you, it can make other people uncomfortable.
  3. Be a Good Sport.  Win with grace, and lose with style.  We don't make others feel bad about results.
  4. No Cheating.  If you are caught cheating, disciplines may be enforced.
  5. No Interfering.  Stay quiet. Let people play and make their own mistakes.
  6. No Tobacco/Vapor products.  This is a facility rule.
  7. All Rules that Apply specifically to the game being played. These can be found on the signup pages.

Basic rules for online events

  1. Treat others with respect.  We're all playing to have a good time, with a chance of winning some cash!
  2. Familiarize yourself with the rules for the game you are playing.
    1. It is the hosts job to properly setup games.  Some games have penalties for setting them up wrong!
  3. One player from each team MUST submit the scores to our discord chat or Twitter @complexXesports.
    1. Each ongoing tournament will have a designated discord chat channel for submitting scores.  They will be posted on the signup page for the tournament.
  4. Disconnections are the fault of the player in question, unless it is proven, without a doubt, that the host of the game was not suitable. In that case, the match will be replayed. If a team is unable to host, the host will be given to the other team.


  1. Sign-Ups
    1. The team captain must sign-up with four players and a maximum of two subs to be able to participate in a league.
    2. Entry fees are due before the first match of the season. Any unpaid fee will result in a forfeit of each series play while in debt.
      1. All payments made prior to 24 hours before the event will be final.  If your team must drop from the tournament, please contact us at least two days prior to the start of the event, so we can attempt to replace your team.  A full refund will be made only to those that contact us at least two days prior.
    3. Subs
      1. Each team is allowed two subs. To be a sub, you must be signed up by the team captain when the team is initially signed up, or added to the roster by the team captain before the third match of the season.
        1. Contact us via Discord or Twitter to add a player as a sub.
      2. Any team using a player not on their active roster will forfeit each and every map that player participates in.
  2. Match Rules
    1. Teams who are late to a scheduled match will receive a 30 minute grace period.
      1. Each additional 15 minutes you are late, you forfeit 1 game.  In a 2/3 tournament, you lose in 60 minutes.
        1. This rule has to be enforced during time restrained tournaments, but may be more lax during extended leagues.
      2. League officials may be contacted in the case of a delay prior to the match via Twitter @complexXesports
    2. One player from each team MUST take a picture/video of the game results of each round of a match.
      1. This is in case the opposing team reports scores that do no match your own.  Both teams have this opportunity to prove the correct match reports.  Failure to take a picture/video results in your own forfeit of the game/match.
      2. If the losing team exits the game before the final score, you must provide a screenshot of the players leaving the game while showing the score.
    3. Matches can only be rescheduled if a request is made at least six hours prior to the posted start time. 
      1. Reschedules will only be accepted in extreme circumstances such as power outages, family illness, etc...  All Reschedules must be approved by a league official.  Contact us on Twitter or Discord.