Introducing Online Tournaments!

(Postponed for quite awhile, as we focus on bettering our event venue/Lan Center)

We are very happy to announce that, along with our website, we will be hosting online tournaments and leagues very soon.  Our current ETA is early September.  We are planning big for this...

Our current plans include:

  • A functioning ELO system exclusive to our community, both online and LAN.
    • When matched against players of different ratings, you will be awarded more or less points depending on their skill level.  If you are facing a super strong opponent, expect a high rating reward.
  • A Discord Chat, to help communicate and report matches. (It's Live! Here)
    • Discord is free to use, and doesn't suck like everything else.  You can get it on the app store for your phone, install it on your computer, or even use a web browser like Chrome.
  • Starting off, we will be hosting COD...  but we plan to quickly introduce other games.
    • No promises, but some of the games on the radar are: League of Legends, CS:GO, Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat, Smite, Rocket League, and quite a few others.  

This list doesn't do justice for all of the small things involved in creating a functioning tournament environment, and you would most likely get bored listening to it.

So!  I'm going to skip all that and say that we are super excited about getting this all setup.  We knew we would be hosting video games, once we started...  we did not know that we would progress this quickly, and it is awesome!