Introducing Pay to Play

On-site console/game rentals.

Starting April 17th, Complex eSports will be an open video game LAN center. We will activate a pay-to-play, or “P2P” system, which will allow anybody to use our equipment to game with their friends!
You will have two options – bring your own console or PC and hook it up to our monitor and internet, or use the Playstation 4’s or various other consoles we provide.

The following rates will apply to our open LAN center:
Per minute rate (No Membership) = 3.33 cents per minute ($2.00 per hour)
Monthly membership = $20 per month
Yearly membership = $120 per year

To become a member, simply visit Tyler’s CCG’s at The Complex.
You will be given a renewable membership card upon your first visit to the LAN center.
Becoming a member allows you to play with no time cap, and no paying for each visit.

If you enjoy gaming and being around others,
make sure to visit the Complex eSports LAN event center!"

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