Black Ops 3 Throwback 2v2

On December 5th, 2015, we hosted our first ever event, a 2v2 Black Ops 3 tournament that fielded 10 teams. Because of the community's resurgent interest in the game, we're bringing Black Ops 3 back!

On Saturday, April 14th, we will host a 2v2 tournament with a similar format to what you're used to - best of 3 Search & Destroy with a best of 5 finals. We will use the five maps that were commonly used in UMG and GB matches - Breach, Fringe, Infection, Redwood and Stronghold, alongside the UMG ruleset (no picks/ban).

Entry fee for teams will be $40 with a $10 venue fee per person. You can save $10 from your entry fee by pre-paying, either in person or on PayPal. Payout will be 100% of all entries, with a 75/25 split between 1st and 2nd.

The event will be streamed at Sign-ups are mandatory and are live at THIS LINK.

A 4v4 event for the game will be schedule and announced at a later date (!!!).