An Adjustment to the Entry Fee System

Beginning with our January Black Ops IIII 2v2 event, we have made a change to the way entry fees will be accepted for future events.

For well over a year, we have used the same default procedure for registration and entry fee payment - sign up online, and from there either decide to pre-pay to our PayPal for a flat fee, or pay at the door for a slightly larger fee.

However, we have encountered a few issues with this form of registration that have brought us to this decision.

We will now sell all passes through our website. The full online payment will still exist. The change will affect those who wish to pay at the door. To ensure all openings go to those who fully plan on attending, our “pay at the door” option will now require a down payment, or reservation, online. The door price will still match that of the online price, though the reservation cost will not be deducted from the cost of the team pass.

This change will help us improve the quality of our events. We have frequently had to adjust prize pools, fix brackets or even change our stream schedule because of a team that didn’t show up without informing us. We have had numerous comments from participants to implement a new system to ensure registered teams show up. Now we have made the change.

The new system will be incredibly simple to navigate. You will still be directed to a registration form where you will provide your team roster. Now, however, you will also be paying your team pass during this process, instead of having to send money separately. Not only is this a more stable form of payment, it should also make registration easier for everybody.