Update on Construction


It's been a while since we have updated you on our new facility, and we know you're getting antsy. First things first - our setup is going to be more player-friendly than ever before. We are building a main stage that will feature all streamed matches, with our second setup divided by spectator seating in the middle. This means you can still be vocal while still being able to communicate privately with your team. (3D model of the new setup is included)

Where are we in our construction? Overall, roughly 50%. Fortunately, we don't need to be 100% finished to be able to kick start our events. The new building required two large projects - re-wiring of the entire new main gaming area and new walls built. The wiring part of our efforts is all but completed. We expect the new walls to be finished within the next two weeks.

We knew this would be a difficult task, but we're nearly there. Just a few short more weeks and we will be back to hosting events.

We can't wait to see you here!